Lyles & King

Lyles & King is a contemporary art gallery located in New York's Lower East Side. Founded May 2015.

Project Space:

Stuart Lorimer


February 18 - March 18

Stuart Lorimer,  A Train Can Hide Another From It (Dance of Life) , 2018, Oil and charcoal on canvas, 54 x 48 inches

Stuart Lorimer, A Train Can Hide Another From It (Dance of Life), 2018, Oil and charcoal on canvas, 54 x 48 inches

Lyles and King is proud to present Drama, Stuart Lorimer’s second exhibition for the project room. In his new narrative paintings, Lorimer captures an intense psychology and theatricality, as though choreographing scenes for the stage or for film. Solid blocks of color and pattern act as dramatic sets where his curious scenarios unfold: an ecstatic couple dance in the  street; solitary figures swipe iPhones to pass the time; pianos and their players duel in a seeming musical interlude. Lorimer has a way of collecting visual observations onto the canvas, collapsing fact and fiction into one another, with equal parts humor and sincerity. Often his compositions are peppered with foreboding or symbolic details (a red-white-and-blue concrete mixer, for example).

The paintings aren’t political per se, but feel wrapped up in a kind of allegory or existential worry. His subjects are carefully rendered, pensive, and bolstered by details perhaps pulled from painting history, pop culture, or news imagery. There’s something tenuous to the canvases, revisionist, graphite lines left exposed and objects rendered in charcoal, as though the characters and their stories could participate in their own making.

Stuart Lorimer (b. 1985, Scotland) lives in New York. He has exhibited at CANADA, New York; Ceysson & Bénétiére, Luxembourg; and Eddy's Room, Brooklyn. This is his second exhibition with Lyles & King, New York.